Connecting Worlds: The Art of Crossover Piano Playing

My new program, Connecting Worlds, is about what music has always been about: connection.

The selected compositions touch me deeply, I love to play them and dive into them to discover hidden things. Like with Alan Pasqua's To Love Again and Agrodolce. Some composers I know personally: John Goldsby and Robin Meloy Goldsby, who by the way introduced me to Alan Pasqua's music. More from Cologne and the Rhineland: Chilly Gonzales, Pietro Pittari, my own works. And of course the big names: Keith Jarrett, Ludovicio Einaudi. Plus a pinch of jazz standards and then there's Brad Mehldau, who infected me with his Beatles project.

From the names you may have noticed - this is a crossover project: jazz, neoclassical and pop music, all interwoven, as announced: "Connecting Worlds". The only thing missing is the audience. So, feel free to get in touch with me.

Extract from the concert program

Cologne Concert Part 2c | Keith Jarrett 
Una Mattina | Ludovico Einaudi
White Keys | Chilly Gonzales
Round And Round | Robin Meloy Goldsby
April Tango | John Goldsby & Robin Meloy Goldsby
Blackbird | Beatles
And I Love Her | Beatles
Agrodolce | Alan Pasqua
To Love Again | Alan Pasqua
Gentle ripple of waves | Marcus Sukiennik
Best Days | Marcus Sukiennik

"I am one of the most listened to live pianists in Cologne - even without a big name.
My main sphere of activity is around the cathedral: I've been in the Excelsior Hotel Ernst for 14 years, in the Musical Dome I play for the entrée to the show Moulin Rouge and also in the WDR Funkhaus I've had the privilege of helping to organize one or two events.

With my new piano solo program, I want to hit the concert stage."

Beste Tage (Best days).

To Love Again by Alan Pasqua

Fall by Pietro Pittari

April Tango by Robin Meloy Goldsby & John Goldsby

Cologne Concert Part 2c by Keith Jarrett

Shout Out Blues

White Keys by Chilly Gonzales

Piano Bar Groove

Fast And Furry

Imagination by Jimmy van Heusen