WDR 3 Key: Bar pianist Marcus Sukiennik

Since 1993 I live and work in Cologne as a freelance pianist, composer and piano teacher. Maybe one or the other knows me from the Piano Bar of the Excelsior Hotel Ernst or from the Musical Dome, where I can currently be heard before the actual show Moulin Rouge.

And yet I am one of the many musicians who pursue their work with much love, without having achieved too much fame.

All the more I am pleased about the beautiful contribution of Fabian Schreck in the program Tonart in WDR 3 about my activity as a bar pianist.

My Barpiano Music All-Time Standards Streaming

In addition to the album All-Time Standards, there is Piano Lounge, Piano Classics and much more.

Not a streaming fan? Live or on CD!

Not a fan of streaming? No problem. There is also me Live or on CD. I have the CDs currently on sale!