The C Chronicles - The Sound of Corona

A project about the Corona Pandemic, sponsored by Neustart Kultur

How did the pandemic affect and change you personally? Or were you one of the few for whom it continued almost indiscriminately? I found this time to be drastic. 

That led me to a larger project. And I couldn't possibly do it alone. One of the most sensitive points was the lack of togetherness, the exchange. So it was clear to me that the musical time travel through the pandemic had to take place with other musicians. Originally planned as a live concert program, it ultimately became a studio project. 

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Besides the Press release, there is a very nice article and a detailed interview about my new album The C Chronicles in the magazine The Punk Head and a short review in the Express newspaper.

Release video

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Album Cover The C Chronicles

"The C Chronicles" was composed, arranged and produced by Marcus Sukiennik. 

The development of the program, compositions and arrangements were made possible thanks to a grant "Neustart Kultur".

 The studio project was self-financed.

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The C Chronicles Release Overview

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