Four piano works by Marcus Sukiennik

Upcoming new releases in 2023

Later in the year I publish four Variations works for piano solo.

All four compositions for piano were the starting point for the arrangements of the same name for string quartet and piano. These appeared already on 24.3. in the Crossover Album "The C Chronicles.

For music lovers and music creators it might be interesting to compare the original compositions for piano solo with the arrangements. By the way, the piano part remained unchanged. The strings form a kind of frame and make the work seem new and fresh.

June: Seasoning the malaise

The beginning is the three-part composition "Das Unwohlsein abschmecken": a classical composition for piano solo in the style of Erik Satie heaped with jazzy, columnar sounds. On 2.6.2023 the EP will be released.

August: Short Because

Continuing with the five-part work "Kurze Weil" on Aug. 4, 2023, "Kurze Weil" is cinematic in nature. Like the soundtracks of a film, each episode seems to focus on a particular mood and scene that develops fully. 

October: Assure yourself of your self

The third prank follows on October 13. The music is a journey into the inner self. "Sich seines Selbst vergewissern" unfolds in six variations and the neo-classical music is meditative. 

December: Soul Stroker

The four-movement piece "Seelenstreichler" (Soul Stroker) will conclude the program on Dec. 15. This is about self-love and rediscovering the beautiful things in life. The music is correspondingly appealing, perhaps reminding one or the other of Ludovico Einaudi.

Release Overview June-December 2023

  • All EP's on the popular streaming portals 
  • Learning video (on the hands view)
  • Piano sheet music in store